Resume Writing

What is Resume Writing Service?
Resume writing service gives you a high impact resume that highlights your strengths and achievements. We have resume writing experts who have extensive resume writing experience and have written almost 10,000 resumes.
Resume writing Services for different levels according to work experience:
  • Professional Resume (0-1 year)
  • Executive Resume (1-3 years)
  • Managerial Resume (3-8 years)
  • Master Resume (more than 8 years)

What is the benefit of getting a resume written by your experts?
We have a team of experts with extensive experience in resume writing, who have crafted more than 10,000 resumes. Our experts are aware of industry best practices and keywords that recruiters use to search profiles, hence are able to provide you these benefits while developing your resume. We also offer multiple telephonic discussions and assure you of complete satisfaction on our services.

How do you develop my resume?
The professional resume writer conducts an in-depth analysis of your resume. The writer will contact you to get information on your desired job profile, target area, projects undertaken and achievements. In case you want to provide additional information to us; you can directly send a mail to The expert Resume writer develops a revised and professionally formatted resume according to industry standards. The first developed draft of your resume will be sent to you for your approval and feedback. In case you require any further modification, alteration in your first draft you can send mail to

What is your process to write my resume?
Your resume is formatted as per industry norms. We also add necessary keywords to enrich your profile. After the resume has been checked and approved on quality parameters of accuracy and presentation, the first draft of your resume is sent to you on your mail. You have the option to Accept or else Request modifications on the resume. You are free to give your suggestions on the same. Your suggested changes are incorporated and the redrafted resume is sent to you for further inputs and approval. You will get two chances to request changes and your third draft would be the final one. You also need to insure that you revert with your required changes within 7 days of receiving the resume; else the resume automatically gets closed.

How soon will I receive my resume?
Your resume writing process starts only after we receive your payment and existing resume. Once we have received the same, our experts have a telephonic discussion with you and then develop your resume. This process takes a week for a regular resume. You need to make yourself available for the discussion to enable us to meet the timeline.
Delivery time for First draft: 7 working days.

What is the difference between express and regular resume?
The difference between express and regular resume is in the time taken for us to deliver the first draft after receiving the payment and submission of your existing resume.
Quick resume writing takes 3 working days(If our resume writers have time to manage it) and Regular resume takes 7 working days. Also you need to make yourself available for the discussion to enable us to meet the timeline.

What is the Maximum number of iterations allowed?
You will get two chances to modify your resume. Third draft would be the final one.

What is the success rate of getting a job through Resume Services?
While subscribing to our resume services helps you find the right job faster, the success rate of getting a job through these resume services varies greatly. The success rate depends to a great extent on 3 factors i.e. the quality of your CV, the market position of your skill set, and your performance in the interview.Our Resume Services ensure that your CV conveys your experience, skills & achievements in the most professional manner, and your CV gets the maximum reach & visibility; thereby maximizing your chances of finding the right job.

Do you guarantee a job once I buy resume service?
Solutions does not provide any guarantee for job; but we guarantee your satisfaction with Expert Resume.

Cover Letter
  • Why do I need a cover letter?
Cover letters allow you in narrative form to tell the employer exactly why they should hire you, instead of numerous other candidates. Also most companies expect a resume to have a covering letter, especially if you are sending a hard copy.

  • How long will it take for me to receive my Cover letter?
You will receive your cover letter along with your resume.