Client Focused

Client Focused Mindset

The client is the reason why we exist. It is our Clients who determine what our business is all about. It is our client’s willingness to trust us and pay for the services that keep us in business. We build and nurture mature and professional relationships with our clients. Whatever we do, will always add value to our clients. We ensure that Client Satisfaction is driven as a way of our working. Our relationships and services enable our clients to help them serve their clients better and achieve Business Success.

1. We will always be available and accessible to our clients. He/she will be able to communicate or pick up the phone and talk to anyone at Orcapod, 24*7.

2. Our consulting and services will be deployed ONLY in the best interests of our clients. When there is an apparent conflict of interest, we will still do what is right for the client.

3. We communicate with our Clients at the optimum levels. We will never ever spring negative surprises on our clients. We will always surprise our clients by surpassing their expectations of good service

4. When any of our Clients are faced with any unforeseen and serious problem, Orcapod will ensure that it does whatever it takes to help our client in dealing with the situation and solving the problem. Irrespective of our contractual commitment, reaching out to the customer and offering our resources will always be our first instinct 

5. Clients will entrust us with work which is very important to them. They depend on us for their success. We will regularly communicate the status of the work to our clients. We will always confront problems and issues upfront and at the earliest, discuss all potential problems, changes, risks and contingencies that may come up, and clearly explain our plan to handle the situation

6. Client satisfaction does not mean listening and doing whatever the Client says blindly. Our Clients hire us for our expertise and capability to be excellent, informed, objective and timely advisors. We will always take the time, effort and investments to discuss and engage with our clients, put forward our views and arrive at a better conclusion.

7. We will never orient our way of working to our internal requirements e.g. misplaced pride in technical or business capabilities leading to desires to build monuments proving personal capabilities at cost of the client’s real requirements. We will do all that leads to real business benefits for our client’s businesses.

Long Term Relationships:

We focus on building long term relationships with our stakeholders. We invest and nurture our relationships with clients to help us provide services which in turn will help our clients succeed. Orcapod focuses on attracting and retaining high-performance talent and build relationships which span across their tenure with the company and also afterward. We build mutually beneficial and stable relationships with our suppliers based on transparency and trust. This will help Orcapod and our partners to reap the benefits of association into the long term.

1. Building any Relationship is a time consuming and intensive exercise. Orcapod will always build relationships with all stakeholders for the long term and invest in nurturing the relationship.

2. Our Relationships with stakeholders are based on trust and transparency. Our agreements with our employees will always be clear, transparent, fair and firmly implemented. We will proactively communicate and ensure that the relationship is maintained effectively.

3. We will strive for a situation where our potential, current and past employees have positive experience dealing with us and maintain a long term relationship.

Team Work & Learning:

We foster Team work helping our people learn collectively and at an accelerated pace. We applaud team achievements and structure our incentives to promote team work. Orcapod invests in infrastructure to support knowledge management and enable our people to generously share knowledge and succeed together.

1.  As a team we succeed. Working together as a team and learning collectively is emphasized. Our culture does encourage the knowledge sharing behavior and learning from peers.

2. Internal Management processes like performance appraisals, reward & recognition promotes team work.

3. Having said that, we do encourage high quality talent and exceptional performance by offering more challenging opportunities and accelerated career growth.

4. We are always open to receive & offer positive and constructive feedback.

Integrity & Transparency:

1. We highly value personal and professional integrity. We strive to build a professional and transparent organization where decision making is based on objective assessment of business situations considering a balanced view of all stakeholders. Orcapod expects high levels of personal and professional integrity from our people at all levels.

2. High Levels of personal and professional integrity is expected of people at all levels of Orcapod.

3. Our agreements and dealings with all our clients, employees, associates and partners are implemented transparently and firmly.

4. We will proactively ensure that errors in transactions, even if it benefits Orcapod will be highlighted and corrected in discussion with the other We are transparent in our business dealings with all our stakeholders and we will not shy away from sharing information with them

5. While being transparent, we will ensure that individual privacy, issues requiring confidentiality and business confidentiality of Orcapod is completely protected.

Enjoy Our Work:

Orcapod will build a work environment which is open, non-hierarchical and performance driven. People who love challenges and a performance driven culture will enjoy working with us. We will build an environment which will ensure that all our stakeholders will enjoy being associated with Orcapod. We will come to office because we enjoy our work and care for our clients.

1. We encourage individuals who are self driven and work like their own boss. This is not in conflict with other value ‘Team work’. ‘Work like our own boss’ doesn’t mean lack of accountability to our peers, juniors and seniors.

2. Our motives to come to work are much more than ‘Work for living’. We know that the work we do makes real contribution to our client’s business and society at large and we enjoy that feeling.

3. Client requirements will drive all our endeavors. There is nothing like “cutting edge work”, “lousy work”, “great work” or “exclusive work”. Client success is our success and we will enjoy and celebrate client success

Passion for Excellence:

We are passionate about our work and we will strive for excellence in whatever we do. Our journey towards excellence is never ending, continuous and at high speed. We see a better tomorrow in all our endeavors.

1. All our deliverables will always reflect our customer care and will offer a feeling of WOW!.

2. In our day to day interaction of any kind, we will put our 100%

3. While we recognize the importance of time constraints and inter dependencies, we will not cut corners with an intent to push the work out of the door

Benchmark Business Performance:

Client Business requirements is our reason for being in Business. Delivering benchmark business performance is critical for ensuring that we have the capability for delivering excellent services to our clients. Industry benchmark business performance is a measure of the efficiency of our operations and ensures long term viability of Orcapod.

1. Overall business performance which is benchmarked with the best of the global organizations is not a cause but a result of the unwavering commitment to Client success, Innovation and cutting edge operational excellence.

2. We consider delivering on good all round business performance as our first responsibility. It reinforces the trust reposed on us by our stakeholders.

3. We will not chase revenues, costs or profits. These are outcomes of a well run organization. We will concentrate on enabling Orcapod to be a great              organization